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and I feel alive

People often mistake the term “work” as a negative activity.

“Darn, I have work tomorrow.” or “I can’t wait to get off of work.”

For the average person, work takes up 8 hours of every weekday.

In a year, that’s about 2,080 hours.

If you’re going to be spending so…

and how to keep pushing on

Startups are hard.

It’s like pushing a boulder up a mountain, except you don’t know how large the mountain is or how long it will actually take.

You can plan the trip, research the trip, and find people to go on the trip with you, but at the end of…

Making money means you’re providing some sort of value to the world in a way where people are willing to pay you for it.

Whether it’s through a company or through your own personal services, making money is a sign of utility.

Making some money is easy. You can wash a car, sell lemonade, or sing on the streets for a couple of bucks.

Making a lot of money is extremely difficult.

Especially if you were to compare it to working a minimum wage job at an established company, it’s incredibly hard to create a process where you can make above that level on a consistent basis.

This is what i’m trying to figure out how to do, shall be an interesting journey.

My take: Not caring about what others think is equivalent to freeing oneself from the shackles of the human eye. Unfortunately however, being part of a society requires one to take part in many of society’s norms. This means you have to care.

The key here?

Take part in those norms enough so that you’re accepted by some. This will provide you the energy and courage to speak and live your life in a way where you have the the courage to be disliked.

Mira Mai

Mira Mai

22 year old. I try to write funny & relatable pieces about life, happiness, and entrepreneurship. wthil.com